Illustrations for the
F1 2021 Championship 
Client: Honda and Johny Palmer
The 2021 F1 Championship was something unique to witness! Even more unique was having the pleasure to work with Honda, the RedBull Racing team engine manufacturer, to create all the possible results for both the Constructor Standings and Driver Standings going into the last race of the season.
The final result gave me the opportunity of combining own personal style with Japanese elements, in this case, the famous Sakura cherry blossom flowers.
Client: Honda
Agency: The Social Front
Art Director: Jonny Palmer 
Illustration: Philipa Rabbit

The race ended quite dramatically with Max Verstappen winning the Driver's Championship.

The race could've ended up with Red Bull Racing winning the Constructors' Championship (but it didn't).

The race could've also ended with Max Verstappen winning the Drivers' Championship and Red Bull Racing winning the Constructors' Championship (but it didn't).

The process
Any final artwork is amazing. But what I love even more is seeing the behind-the-scenes, work process that goes into either an animation or static design. 
In this case, all the illustrations were achieved with a 3-step approach. First the black and white sketches, then a colour script to block the main shapes, and finally, the complete illustration.
Black and White Sketch
Black and White Sketch
Colour Script
Colour Script
Final Illustration
Final Illustration
Additional Formats
Part of the brief was to make sure all the illustrations were easily adapted to the most common social post ratios.
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