A History of Dog Training 
Client: ManyPets
The team at ManyPets had the idea of exploring the History of Dog Training, going back to Pavlov's experiences but not stopping there! Actually, with this project, I learned that humans started domesticating wolves 20 to 40 thousand years ago!
To be honest, this was a very fulfilling project, I'm a big animal lover (especially my dog, Mister Victor). It was great exploring the visual style, sketching all the style frames, and working together with Sam Jones to bring all these characters to life.
Client: ManyPets
Art Director: Philipa Rabbit
Illustration: Philipa Rabbit
Animation: Sam Jones - visit her website
The full video
Some style frames​​​​​​​
It always starts with sketches!
My favourite moments
Sam Jones did such an amazing job bringing my illustrations to life!
These are just a few of my favourite moments from the final video
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